Uber driver, Utibe Akpan killed on his way to work, attackers nabbed (Photo)

Uber driver, Utibe Akpan was stabbed while on his way to work on Saturday by a security guard identified as Ibrahim Abionu aka Horror, alongside a mechanic. 
After he was killed, he was put in the booth of his car and dropped in a nearby street, Folawiyo Bankole, after which the suspects fled with his car.

According to reports, one of the suspects was nabbed this morning, he was beaten to stupor by the residents who recovered an ID card of Horror. 
He was however saved by the Police, as manhunt has already been launched for Horror who was calling his phone continuously to get information whether the residents of the area have found out. The third suspect is also on the run and the car is yet to be retrieved.

An eyewitness said;

“Only God knows if the owner of the car, that gave Akpan to use as Uber, knows about the situation already. I heard he was just given the car less than a week ago. .

Imagine been killed inside your own street. There have been several robberies and car thefts on the street, without knowing the security guards are responsible for them.”


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