“Two-fighting” policemen to face dismissal

Remember the “two -fighting” policemen caught on YouTube video? It seems like they would be getting seriously punished for their inaction.The police force Public Relations Officers, Emmanuel Ojukwu recently told the Punch that these policemen would be arrested, investigated and dismissed from the force.

Ojukwu said, “We have seen the video and I can tell you that the men would be identified and apprehended to face disciplinary action. They will face orderly room trial and they will be dismissed,” 
The two minute video was uploaded to YouTube on Friday by Sharebitmag with the caption “Two Nigeria police caught fighting in Lagos,” showed the incident took place at the entrance of a bank.
One of the policemen was seen delving blows on the other who could not return any of the punches.
A bottle of an alcohol beverage, Alomo Bitters, was seen on the ground next to the men.
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