“Twitter NG is a murder zone” | Social media reacts to death of alleged rapist, Michael Asiwaju

Following reports that Michael Asiwaju, owner of Asiwaju Royal Furniture, died after committing suicide in a hotel located on 4th Avenue, Festac Town, social media has blown up.

There has been an avalanche of reactions ranging from regret to pity, caution, disbelief and for some, blatant dispassion, at the news of Michael Asiwaju’s death. We reported earlier that the deceased ended his own life by drinking an insecticide called ‘Sniper’ and was found lifeless by hotel staff on Monday.

Recall that Michael Asiwaju was accused of rape by a number of women on Twitter and he had reacted by posting revenge porn.

At the time, Michael Asiwaju also declared that he was going to end his life but was not taken seriously as a result of the number of rape allegations that unraveled from several victims

See some of the reactions to Michael Asiwaju’s death:


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