“Twins Are Double Bundle Of Joy That Come With Double Challenges” – Damola Olatunji’s Wife And Actress, Bukola Awoyemi

Yoruba actress, producer and proud mother of twins, Bukola Awoyemi is one Nigerian actress who is happily married to a co-actor in the movie industry, Damola Olatunji.

The proud wife to actor Damola Olatunji
who has been away from the movie scene for 2 years in order to have and
nurture her twins, came into limelight after featuring in Tunde Kilani‘s movie, ‘Arugba‘.

Now back in the movie industry, she is so ecstatic about her come
back as she says acting is her passion which she missed while away.

Speaking about the challenges that come with raising twins, she
revealed that kids are a bundle of joy, but it comes with double

According to her;

“To nurse a single baby is not joke, let alone taking
care of two simultaneously. Twins are a double bundle of joy, but they
also come with double challenges. It means you have to feed two people
often at the same time. You have to dress and lure two people to bed
almost at the same time. At times they may fight each other just like
other children do. They may also laugh together and cry at the same
time. So all these tasks and challenges come double-double just as the
joy comes”.


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