Twelve teenage lesbians have been arrested in Lagos (photo)

Hell was let loose, last week, in Oto-Owori area, Ijanikin, Lagos State,
after a 16-year-old member of the famous Abogun family, made startling
confessions about how she was initiated into cultism and lesbianism by
the younger sister of her uncle’s wife.
Parents of the victim who were
shocked by the confession reportedly alerted the police after she was
caught while attempting to sneak out of the house with some items
demanded by her cult members.

According to the
victim (names withheld), who completed her secondary education in June,
“it was Tope who introduced me into lesbianism and cultism early last
year. On Friday, at about 7-8pm, I received a call from Tope that I
should bring my red jacket, which is the cult uniform and a jack-knife
for her. While I was attempting to sneak out of the house to meet her, I
was accosted by my brothers who checked the bag I was carrying and
found the cult jacket and the jack-knife. They called on my parents who
demanded to know how I got those items.

“Initially, she
forced me into becoming her lesbian partner. She threatened me that if I
failed to do it, my life was at stake. When I became her lover, we took
a blood oath as Tope used a blade to cut my hand and licked the blood.
She also cut her hand and asked me to lick the blood. She threatened
that she must not see me with anyone, whether male or female but she was
free to go out with others as she has other lovers. I have been her
lover for over a year now and I became her lover before I completed my
secondary education.

“After Tope introduced me to lesbianism, she
forced me into their cult. The night I was initiated into Aiye cult, I
was blindfolded. Members of the cult gave me a gun to take an oath,
declaring that I would not reveal anything about the cult to anyone.
They said if I ever revealed anything about the cult to anyone, the same
gun that I used to take the oath would be used to take my life.
Thereafter, about twenty of the males present at the initiation slept
with me one after the other.

Strange gun appears

months ago, I stole my father’s N50, 000 and gave to her. There was a
time she gave me a gun to keep for her. I kept the gun in my book-shelf
two days. She gave the gun to me because she said she couldn’t take it
home. Later, she collected it and gave it to a member of the cult. I
really don’t know what they use the weapon for. The red jacket which is
the cult uniform was given to me by Segun. He is the leader of the Aiye
cult. Since I became a member, I haven’t been able to go anywhere with
them because of how difficult it is for me to leave home as my parents
don’t allow me out after 6pm, and most of their activities are usually
in the night. There was a time they asked me to trail my elder brother
because they said he is arrogant.”

Shooting at birthday party
her defense, 18-year-old Tope (surname withheld) who initially
confessed that she gave the gun to Kemi to keep because she could not
take it home, later denied the allegation that she is a cultist.

to her, “I have known Kemi from my childhood. I am a salesgirl. I was
arrested because the victim said I introduced her into cultism and
lesbianism but I am not a cultist, and she didn’t give me money.

have not seen Kemi for more than a month now, since my birthday which I
celebrated on June 21. Although they fired a gun at my birthday party, I
don’t know who fired the gunshot but Samuel was with a gun that night,
and I know that Samuel is a cultist and he attended my birthday party.
It was a cult guy called Daddy that threatened that if I refuse to join
their cult, he will deal with me and shoot me in the legs with a gun.”

Recruiting young girls as armourers

Alert gathered that young girls were recruited into the cult group as
they are used as armourers who keep the ammunitions for them any time
they go for operation. It was learned that based on the revelations, the
Divisional Police Officer in-charge of Ijanikin Division of Lagos
State, SP Robinson Eregare, swung into action and succeeded in clamping
down on all the suspected cultists connected with the victim’s
initiation. Among those arrested were Musa Kareem, Austine Ebosoje and
ten others.

Police reacts

Confirming the incident, Lagos
State Police Public Relations Officer, DSP Kenneth Nwosu said Temitope
Famati, an 18-year-old lesbian, Ogunsan Kemi , another 20-year-old
lesbian, Oseni Lukman, 30; Chidi Okafor, 25; Musa Kareem, 26; Austine
Ebozoje, a 19- year-old pirate, Segun Sowumi, Olatokunbo Babatunde, 18;
Gbelebu Samuel, 17 and Hussan Azeez, 30, were among the cultists
arrested so far.


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