Tweeps blame BBNaija, parents as Chrisland school students play Truth or Dare game

BBNaija truth or dare chrisland

Some Nigerians on Twitter have blamed popular reality TV show, Big Brother Naija, BBNaija, and parents after some students of Chrisland Schools reportedly engaged in Truth or Dare game which led to the alleged rape of a 10-year-old pupil of the school.

Truth or Dare is a game regular played by housemates of BBNaija which has them revealing secrets about themselves. Anyone that fails to reveal his secrets is asked to bail his or herself out by performing a sexual act on the opposite sex or allowed such act to be performed on himself.

One of such saw Saga sucked the breast of a married housemate, Tega, during the 2021 edition of the show.

The show is usually watched by many parents, some of who allow their young children to watch with them.

Reacting to the news of the rape by Chrisland Schools students, one @iam_doctormayor asked, “Chrisland school pupils playing Truth or Dare? What happened to “name, animal, place,things?” I don’t know how they got exposed to that kinda game In the first place.”

@itsmamalee responded, saying, “You wanna know how? The media; movies and music contain vulgar words and uncensored content e.g BBNaaija. Parents; the woke ones who are nonchalant about what their kids are exposed to. Giving minors unrestricted access to the Internet. And every one of us.”

@_temioflagos said, “You are letting your kids / siblings watch BBNAIJA and 18+ rated movies and you are wondering where they are learning truth or dare and those acts from, we all have a role to do play, Not schools alone.”

@SirDavidBent said, “Last tweet: As we blame Chrisland and we blame the parents, let us blame society at large. We have condoned acts of immorality and normalized them as wokeness. Shows like BBNaija that do not add any value to people are promoted massively. What did we expect this generation to be?”

@MrOdanz said, “Marriage is too important a thing to be messed around with sha. Every successful society starts with successful family units. When you see parents watching BBnaija with their kids and cheer their kids singing sexually explicit songs, you know there is a problem. Big problem.”

@leeswhag said, “People Wondering why Children Know what Truth or Dare is. Its Yourself you should ask simple questions like, Why did I let that Kid watch an 18+ rated TV program? BBNaija will start and then you let your kids and below 18 siblings watch and even argue with them …Think!”

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