Traditionalists lay curse on those insulting Oba of Benin on social media

Traditionalists in Benin have laid a curse on people who insult the Oba of Benin on social media platforms.

The below pictures show how the Osunoba and Ekonorhue came out enmass to lay curses on certain fellows identified as Iyore Omozee of Paris, Murphy Face Edo’s Uyi, Arisco Osemwengie and all social media users that have been insulting the land and kingdom of Benin.

Report has it that some of the identified names have been insulting the Oba of Benin on social media.

Traditionalists place curse of social media users insumting oba of benin

This is coming a month after the Oba of Benin placed a temporary ban on the wearing of beads in his kingdom as part of the rituals for the celebration of a festival in his kingdom.

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