Toyin Saraki talks about her relationship with her look alike daughter

They look like friends or do we say they look as if they are married to same groom?

Mrs Saraki
Well, it’s a wedding photo and its actually Toyin Saraki, her
daughter, Oluwatosin and father of the bride, the Senate President, Dr
Bukola Saraki.

Blessed with a trim figure which she utilizes optimally in the style
department, she almost passed for the bride at her daughter’s wedding
penultimate week in Lagos.

The Founder/President Wellbeing Foundation Africa (WBFA) shares a
striking resemblance with her daughter, Olwatosin Halima, the newly-wed.
Kemiashefonlovehaven asked Mrs Saraki, a lawyer, how she coped as a young mum, married to a politician and she revealed:
“I hope my children are happy and I pray they are fulfilled. I never
“left” my children and I have always put them first no matter what I am
When they were young, I carried them everywhere with me, educating
them myself whenever they were out of school. As they got older and
started attending boarding schools, I ensured I was present for every
exeat and occasion, and to be honest, I have never liked to delegate
childcare. Each time I ever tried to delegate childcare I regretted it,
so I think with time everyone just accepted that “Mummy will be there”
and I thank God that I have a wonderful relationship with my children,
they are my friends; there is nothing that we do not discuss openly,
honestly and frankly. That is how my parents brought me up and I would
probably say it is the universal root of self-confidence, motivation and
drive, irrespective of socio-economic status.
For me, being there for my children is non-negotiable.”

Source: Kemi Ashefon


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