Too cute! First daughters of 5 generation take adorable pictures

Early morning cuteness for you 🙂

 A mother of two, Demsy Gtu, posted an adorable photo of her mum, grand mum and great grand mum yesterday and it has since gone viral. She captioned the viral photo thus:

“First Daughters of 5 Generations.. My Great-Grandmum, my Grandmum, My Mum, Myself & My daughter. We are blessed people, A chosen Generation, A peculiar People.. My Great Grandmum is one woman I admire so much. Ever Since she Lost her husband (My Great-Grand Dad) in the year 1999, who died at the age of 80, My Great grandmum has kept the faith & despite all odds is still alive to enjoy the blessings of seeing her 5th Generation & that happens to be my daughter.. A rare Blessing & privilege denied to many.. It’s been God’s grace & above all his Mercy.. ? We thank God for bringing us this far.”

See more photos of Demsy Gtu and her kids below:


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