Tonto Dikeh’s faith questioned after wishing she could kill a luxury boutique owner

Born-again actress Tonto Dikeh might have some questions to answer
her fans, her friends and more importantly, the God she serves.

A viral DM message between the actress and popular Lagos state
philanthropist Adepeju Adekokun has made rounds on the social media as
Tonto declares her hatred for one of Kokun’s friends.

Philanthropist Kokun had posted a photo of his friend a luxury
boutique owner on his page, the actress had jumped into Kokun’s DM to
inform Kokun of her hatred for the nan whom according to her she had
never met!
She went as far as saying if she had her way, she would get him killed all because she believes he is gay.

Apparently, Kokun had sent the messages to the man in question who was
so angry that he has threatened to sue the actress for threatening to
kill him and for defamation of character.

This brings us to the question of Tonto Dikeh’s faith and proclaimed
belief! Fans have wondered how possible for a Born again Christian to
freely use the word ‘Hate’ and the word ‘kill’ in referring to a fellow
she has the mandate to love according to the Bible!

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