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Tithing is a commandment by God – Actor Majid Michel contradicts Daddy Freeze’ claims



Majid Michel
Ghanaian actor and man of God Majid Michel has countered the claims
of Nigerian OAP Daddy Freeze who insists that tithing is wrong and not a
commandment of God.

Daddy Freeze has always screamed for all to hear that the act of
tithing or paying tithes to Pastors is a form of robbery on the parts of
the pastors. He went further to buttress his claims with some parts of
the bible during a life interview with LIB.
According to Freeze, the commandment of tithing was not for us but for some priests in the old testaments.

Meanwhile, man of God although not ordained, Majid Michel has
countered these claims, insisting that God has commanded all to pay
tithes into his house that food may abound and more importantly for the
welfare of the poor.
however commented that although, some men of God do not use the tithes
as commanded, that does not mean we should disobey or rob God by
renouncing the payment of tithes.