This woman says she is the only begotten daughter of God and future bride of Christ!

Meet US preacher and prophetess, Susie S. Mozell-Smith, who recently published a book titled Lily Grace – a book that talks about the end times!
In an interview with the Nation, she spoke on her encounters with God, how Satan is using Obama to destroy the world, the end times and other prophetic issues.
See excerpts below:

 Lily Grace is a book that God has given to the
world to prove that he is the one and only God and he does this by
telling the world that he is the element Hydrogen and from it he created
all things. The book is one that reveals some hidden secrets of God
that has never been uttered to another prophet or prophetess, all backed
by scripture. The title Lily Grace is the new name that God named me. I am God’s
only begotten daughter. When God first told me I was his daughter, I
thought he meant because I accepted Jesus as my Lord and
Savior, therefore making me a child of God. But what he really meant was
that I am his only begotten daughter.
What a shock! The full story will
come out in the near future, in my next book.”

What informed your decision to write the book at this time?
I wrote the book because God gave me the instructions to do so and he
gave me the knowledge by leading me to the scriptures to back up the

You spoke extensively on your encounters with God; can you share some with us?
I had many encounters with God; however, my first one was the most
profound one when he answered me and said, “Write a Book.” Another
encounter was when he lead me to the scriptures about John the Baptist
and began telling me that you know John prepared the way and you are
paving the way for Jesus Return. So to me it was okay and I thought that
was it. I said to myself why me? Then I later found out that I am the
future Bride of Christ. The third shocker was when he told me he has a
wife and I said, you got to be kidding me, this don’t make sense. He
told me that after he informed me he is hydrogen, Jesus is carbon, the
Holy Spirit is oxygen and Satan is nitrogen. Then he later says my wife
is helium. I said okay and did not think too much on it, after all God
said it, so it is true. This is when I found out Jesus was going to have
a wife and it would be me. You will read the full story in my next
book. I also had some encounters with Satan; one of them was a few days
after God spoke to me to “Write a Book.” I almost badly injured my right
hand and I knew then Satan was out to stop me, but he can’t and won’t.
God is in control of my life.

Would you say that the reign of Lucifer, will end soon??
I say the reign of Lucifer will end when God says it is time.

With the current happenings across the globe, what do you think the role of preachers should be?
I think the role of preachers should be to stand up for God and tell
the truth, stop diluting God’s word, and going along with things that
God is against.

Has your book being well received in the USA where you reside?
The USA is influenced heavily by Satan. It is hard to get a story in
the news especially one about God. People in the USA and all over the
world, have heard so many times that an individual have heard from God,
so people have dumbed down the things of God.

Would you say that there are efforts to keep your book from getting out to the world?
I have been blocked many times from sending tweets about “God has
spoken the end times are here” and that God has given me a book to prove
it. Once I made contact with ACJ my message would disappear or I would
get blocked from sending messages. I first contacted the President three
months after God had spoken to me in regards to writing the book “Lily
Grace,” to let him know. I have tried to reach him by phone, mail
and through the White House web site and the President has not once
responded to me in over a year. I even sent a book to the White House
with a letter attached. I have also sent over 15 books to the
Washington, DC area with letters as well. I sent two to NASA, then I
called and spoke to someone explaining why they are finding water in
outer space. I have yet to receive a response from NASA as well. Satan
is working hard to keep this book from reaching the world.

What is your view of the growth of Christianity in Africa?
I think Satan has done everything he can to stun the growth of
Christianity in Africa. Africa is the birth place of civilization, the
fertile soul that man came from which is the starting point and strength
of Christianity. Christianity in Africa is growing in spite of all
Satan’s evilness. Christianity in Africa has strong roots that runs deep
and will continue to thrive and grow.

What is your assessment of the Obama administration? 
The Obama administration is controlled by Satan, which is very bad.
God is taken out of schools, work places, and the military, but Gays get
the red carpet treatment and they are honored for coming out. This is
happening in the world because Satan is in full force.My job as the End
Time Prophetess is to set things in order and to pave the way for Jesus

How do you deal with somethings that seem so big and challenging?
I don’t, I let God handle it. I know that God loves me and Jesus
loves me and the Holy Spirit is forever present. I am thankful and most
grateful. I feel like I am not good enough for such an honor. But I am
God’s choice. Ye have not chosen me, but I have chosen you, and ordained
you, that ye should go and bring forth fruit, and that your fruit
should remain: that whatsoever ye shall ask of the Father in my name, he
may give it you. (John 15:16). What shall we then say to these things?
If God be for us, who can be against us? (Romans 8:31)

Is the book on sale now?
It has been over a year now that God has spoken to me to ‘Write a
Book’ and it has been seven months since it has been released for sales.
The world needs to know the truth. A story like this that is backed up
by the word of God needs to be Headline Breaking News on every media
outlet for the world to know, but here in the good old USA, God is put
not at the top of the list, in fact he is being moved off and Gays have
been added, no thanks to Satan. “God has spoken and we are in the
beginning of the last age.”


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