This woman pretended to be blind for 28 years for a rather interesting reason

Carmen Jiménez
28 years ago, Carmen Jiménez, from Madrid, Spain, became completely
blind due to a serious eye injury. At least that’s what she told
everyone, including her own family, because she was tired of having to
say “hello” to people she didn’t actually want to greet.
The 57-year-old woman recently revealed that she had always been
able to see perfectly, which left her family in shock, even though they
had always suspected that something was off about her condition.
Her husband told reporters that she would put on her makeup
perfectly, and sometimes they would see her trying to look at the TV
from the corner of her eyes. But she never admitted to faking her
blindness, until recently.
But what on Earth would poses anyone to fake blindness for nearly
three decades? Carmen apparently did it to avoid having to greet and
talk to people she didn’t actually like.
“I was tired of meeting people on the street and stopping to
say hello, I’ve never been very social person, and by pretending to be
blind I was able to avoid many social responsibilities,”
she said, according to Hay Noticia.
Apart from having to explain to her family why she lied to them for
so many years, and meeting the very people she was trying so hard to
avoid, Carmen Jiménez is also facing legal problems, because having
registered as a blind person, she has received special financial aid.
News of Carmen’s mind-blowing deceit went viral on Latino news
sites in both Europe and South America, but I am not at all convinced it
is legit. It’s downright preposterous to believe that someone could
fake blindness for so long without anyone noticing.

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