This Nigerian guy wants to know why Ladies act mushy and surprised when a Man proposes to them…

Written by DraftMaster!
To be honest I don’t understand why women act surprised and mushy when a
man proposes to them. I mean you have been dating and in all of those
two years you guys didn’t discuss marriage?

If you did, why the overly
histrionic displays when a man goes down on one knee to stain his
trousers with Naija dust? I don’t know how relationships go, see I am a
Pope grin
but I would think if I were ever going to get married, I would have
discussed marriage a hundred times with my prospective wife. Type of
marriage, prospective period of marriage, number of kids, kind of
education for the kids, honeymoon location, choice of city to live in,
number of palmwine glasses I’d get per day, who gets tv rights when it
is Arsenal vs The Promise. I mean the whole gamut.
So point is, if I
am getting married to a girl she’d know a full year before the proposal.
So why the surprise package? Abi she no believe me before ke? Why the
occasional tears sef? Are you shocked that someone you dated for years
is asking you to marry him?
Anyways, before I started dating
Chinenye, I asked her, will you marry me? And she replied with a sweet
smile on her face, draftmaster, of course you know I’d marry you, you
leave me no choice.
See? Me I done skip proposal and engagement ring o. I have even done the math in PKE – Palmy Kegs Equivalent. 

Ladies, oya answer 🙂


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