This love between Ibinabo Fiberesima and Goodluck Jonathan though…

No it isn’t what you think, but Ibinabo Fiberesima would certainly stick her head out if need be for the President of Nigeria.
The newly wed President of the Actors Guild of Nigeria has been
gushing out recently via any means possible about her marriage to the
love of her life, Uche Egbuka. But that isn’t the only thing this
ex-beauty queen has been gushing about lately.

The actress has also been pledging her allegiance to Goodluck
Jonathan in anticipation of the upcoming election. If as much as
something bad or ugly is said about he who currently occupies the most
important seat in Nigeria, you would have invoked the voltron in her.

Recently, she was involved in a debate on a social handle over
whether President Goodluck Jonathan is good enough for a second term or
not. In spite of all reasons presented to her, she stood her ground that
come hell or high water she would stick with the President.
“I have chosen to vote for GEJ. This is my choice. If anyone insults
me that’s fine. I won’t utter any abusive word. We all have our rights
and our consciences. Lets use them wisely” she declared.
That’s one woman with conviction.

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