This is the woman that Caroline Danjuma’s billionaire husband left her for (photos)

Earlier this week, News broke out that the 10 years old marriage of Caroline Danjuma had crashed due to an ‘Outside interference’ and Musa Danjuma’s
Insatiable love for the opposite sex.

has now moved out of their Ikoyi home, Musa bought her another house when
she was adamant on leaving after discovering the Ultimate betrayal. When
all his pleas fell on Caroline’s deaf ears,he told her he would
continue to pay for the upkeep of his kids and then moved them to
another Luxury house.

According to SDK, “Musa’s side chick named Maya, A
Nigerian who lives in the UK is Pregnant with his fourth (?) child and
will birth the baby in a matter of weeks.

Maya has also allegedly
been bragging to close pals that every time Caroline leaves town,she
arrives Nigeria and sleeps on her matrimonial bed,eats from her plate
and checks out her wardrobe and swore that as soon as the divorce is
through she would move in and become the Next Mrs Danjuma.”
Well, see photos of Maya below:


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