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This is why Bimbo Akinsanya Refused To Celebrate Her 40th Birthday



Bimbo Akinsanya Her 40th Birthday

Her birthday was on May 27.

To all who expected that actress Bimbo Akinsanya would make much
noise on her 40th birthday, they were disappointed because she didn’t
share photos of herself or post any form of celebration on Instagram

Rather, the pretty actress who was said to have been backstabbed by
Mercy Aigbe some years ago when the Edo actress snatched her then
husband, Lanre Gentry from her, decided throwing a party for her
two-year-old son, Eyilayomi.

The toddler’s birthday was on June 4 and his mum, Bimbo took to Instagram to celebrate her bundle of joy.

Sharing a slide video of the boy’s growth and when she was pregnant, Bimbo wrote:
“EYILAYOMI, as no hand can cover the glory of the Day & Sun, nobody
will have power over your glory & destiny. There shall be joy in
your heart always. All happenings around you shall bring happiness to
you. Things of sorrow shall be far from you, You will never go on any
journey of no-return. Everything that pertains to shame is brought to an
end in your life. EYILAYOMI, you are my Light, my joy, my life, my
world & my everything. HAPPY BIRTHDAY To My One & Only Child.
” (sic)

A talented and versatile actress, Bimbo Akinsanya was quite popular
and a regular face in most movies a few years ago. A graduate of the
Olabisi Onabanjo University, she has been off the screen for a while.

On May 24, 2014, she married Olawale Ayoola but the marriage crashed.
In an interview with Global Excellence magazine in 2015, the beautiful
actress, in her submission, said she would rather stay single if
marriage like the one she had last was all that is left in the world,
because, “I didn’t enjoy a bit of my married life while with my former
“I had to sneak out of my marriage with my little baby boy when life
became so hot for me. All I need to say is that, I’m free from the
bondage of captivity. I can no longer subject myself to incessant
beating like a punching bag. My husband does not regard me as wife, he’s
fond of committing several atrocities that are unprintable. He’s such a
womanizer that has no competitor. The painful aspect of the matter is
that he flirted around with married women of all kinds,” Bimbo stressed.

Though the boy is now two years old, many believe Bimbo is trying to
get over all that happened to her. Currently, she is keeping a
low-profile on social media and speculations are rife that she is in
another relationship and keeping it off the public.