This 58 year old grandma’s beauty always causes car crashes and makes men weep (photos)

The kind of reports we see on DailyMail these days, lol!

A 58-year-old grandmother believes other women are intimidated by her looks, because she is so beautiful, her features have reduced men to tears.

Stephanie Arnott, who lives with husband Ian, 66, in Maidstone, Kent, says she believes she has the face and the figure of a woman 20 years younger, which she puts down to ‘luck and good genes’.

Mrs Arnott, who has one daughter and one grandchild, said her partner
enjoys all the attention she gets from other men – but has also noticed
that women are jealous of his wife. She said:

‘Women can be intimidated by me because of
the way I look, dress and speak. I have class, elegance and beauty,
which are all powerful assets. ‘I never used to realise that other women
were jealous of me, but now I see it. Women even frown at me on the street
– something my husband’s noticed too.’But that’s what happens when you
are 58 with the face and figure of a 35-year-old. It’s all natural
aswell. I put it all down to luck and good genes.’

Mrs Arnott, who believes her looks have almost caused car crashes
and even cleans her car while wearing a bikini, said she doesn’t work
out – even though ‘for some strange reason my body looks as though I

 ‘My ex-husband used to get jealous but my
husband Ian loves the attention I get. He laps it up and even sometimes
likes to walk behind me on the pavement just to see what happens. People
inevitably stare at me as I go by and people try and chat me up.’I’ve
had all sorts of approached by men. I’ve had notes left on my
‘Once when I lived in a flat and there was scaffolding up outside a guy
climbed up and left a note on my bedroom window. It said: “I’d love to
wine and dine you” but I didn’t take him up the offer.

Mrs Arnott, who was married before she met her current husband and
has a 38-year-old daughter, said she has always been able to ‘pick and
choose’ her men, something which she believes is ‘difficult’ for other
women to accept.

 ‘Until recently (when I’ve lost my looks
slightly) I used to cause near-accidents on the streets. People would
get distracted by me and have to slam their brakes on.’I remember
walking by a crossroad with a friend once. The man at the wheel took a
double take at me and there was a very near crash.’I am used to people
looking at me. It’s always been so overwhelming – like I’m in the wrong
place so I’m used to pretending not to see. I feel a bit silly saying
but it’s true.’I’ve also had men getting emotional on me. I can be
talking to someone and then I’ll notice they are getting soppy and
tearful – and trying to hold back tears.

On men crying for her

It’s happened on
blind dates or even talking to someone in the queue in the
supermarket.’I think it’s because they fall in love at first sight – but
obviously they are not going to admit that.’It sounds strange because
most people haven’t experienced it but I’m just being honest.

Mrs Arnott said compared to most people, she believes she looks as young as a 30-year-old, ‘apart from a few wrinkles’.

She added: ‘People think
I’m a superstar and guess my age at 35. I always look like I’ve just
walked off a movie set. People are always surprised to see someone as
glamorous as me walking around.I also like to clean the car in bikini,
which gets me rather a lot of attention. If it’s a sunny day, I think
“why not?

Mrs Arnott said she has dated ‘lots’ of wealthy men over the years,
and once dated a tycoon whose friends told her she was the ‘most
suitable’ women he had ever met.

‘But he wanted children and I was used to
gallivanting around the world on ships with my first husband, who was
also wealthy, and I didn’t want more kids,’ she said. I remember walking
into a pub once, the day after Miss World had been on TV, and a guy stopped me and said: ‘Where the hell were you last night? You should have won Miss World”.

My top tip for woman to look their best is to always look fresh-faced. Wear a bit of mascara, fill in some eyebrow, if they have been over-plucked and wear a dash of lip liner with a gloss.

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