They met in London! Family member tells the love story of the lawyer, Yewande who stabbed her husband to death

Ibadan Couple

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Adio Bello is the Personal Assistant to Otunba Abimbola
Davies, an Ibadan based businessman. He is also cousin, in-law to late
Oyelowo Oyediran, the France based businessman that was murdered by his
wife, Yewande on February 2, 2016, in Ibadan.

Adio Bello and his wife, Adejoke Bello, who is the cousin of
late Oyelowo Oyediran Ajanaku, told ENCOMIUM Weekly in this interview
how Yewande murdered her husband.

We gathered that you were related to the late Oyelowo Oyediran?

He was a brother to my wife.

What really happened between late Oyelowo and Yewande his wife?

What we heard was that someone told the wife that her husband had a
child abroad. We also heard that the husband personally informed the
wife when he came back from abroad and the whole thing ended there.

But a week later, after the matter was settled between them, the wife
started fomenting trouble with her husband to the extent that she
stabbed him on the shoulder and the husband was bleeding profusely. The
husband was taken to the hospital and was treated.

11111/2016/02/Lowo-oyediran-ajanaku-the-fatal-stab-on-the-neck.jpg” rel=”attachment wp-att-115298″ style=”margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto;”>Late Oyelowo Oyediran
Late Oyelowo Oyediran

When he came back from the hospital, the wife (Yewande) started
begging him. The landlords in the street also joined in beginning the
husband (Oyelowo). She (Yewande) said it was devil’s work. They even
said she personally took cotton wool to help her husband in cleaning the
blood on his body.

11111/2016/02/LOWOAJAX-3.jpg” rel=”attachment wp-att-115299″ style=”margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto;”>Adejoke Bello
Adejoke Bello

But nobody knew that with the begging and cleaning of her husband’s
body, she still had a sinister motive. When it was night and the husband
was in a deep slumber probably from the effect of the drugs he was
given in the hospital, the wife stood up to stab him in the neck. 
The husband started shouting for help and the neighbours came around
but the wife prevented them from entering. She was said to have told the
neighbours that they should not interfere because it was a family
affair. Not knowing she had already slaughtered him.

By the time the neighbours could access their apartment, the husband
was too weak and before they could get him to the hospital he died. My
wife will tell you the rest of the story.

ADEJOKE BELLO, late Oyelowo Oyediran cousin and a teacher. We gathered that you are the sister to late Oyelowo Oyediran?


Where and how did Oyelowo and Yewande meet?

They met through the wife of one of our brothers (Iya Bunmi). They
exchanged photographs of each other. Iya Bunmi was the one who showed
Yewande’s photograph to Oyelowo. Before then, the woman Oyelowo was
going out with disappointed him. She was based in Nigeria while Oyelowo
was based in France. This woman (Iya Bunmi) told him (Oyelowo) about
Yewande and even sent him her pictures. It was from there they started
communicating on Facebook. Later, Oyelowo left France for London and
Yewande too left Nigeria for London.

So, London was the first place they met?

That was the first time they had a physical contact. From London they
came to Nigeria. Barely two months after they met, they got married.

Just after their first meeting in London?

Yes, it was not long after they met that they got married. Just about a month or two.

When did they meet and when did they get married?

I can’t remember the exact date they met but I know their marriage
was three years old on February 9, 2016. They had their wedding on
February 9, 2013.

That means they probably met in December 2012?

Yes, something like that. Their courtship was not long at all.

After their marriage, were they living together?

Yes, they were living together but Oyelowo was travelling abroad once
in a while. As at last year, Oyelowo paid for her surgery in a private
hospital. I can’t remember the name of the hospital. He paid N350,000
for the surgery.

What was the operation all about?

She had fibroid. Her sister who was in Lagos told her to come and do
it in Lagos, but she refused. She was also advised to go to UCH, Ibadan.
She said no, she insisted on doing it in that private hospital and her
husband must pay for it.

Did she have a child or two for Oyelowo?

No, there is no child between them.

How will you describe Yewande as her in-law?

She is somebody who keeps to herself a lot. She hardly talks or
smiles. She does not have friends too. She never wanted to see her
husband’s relatives at all.

So, most times when Oyelowo is in Nigeria, don’t you visit him and his wife?

I don’t go there because I know she would not be hospitable to me.
There was a time Oyelowo told me that my son should come and spend his
holiday with him, and I told him it was not possible because his wife
would not be cheerful towards him. He told me he would handle his wife
on that.

Whatever gave you the impression that she would not welcome your son into their home?

This is somebody who is always not happy when she sees people. She
hardly welcomes people and she is not always cheerful. She will not talk
with you. She just keeps to herself.

Before the last incident, were there times they quarrelled?

Yes, they quarrelled a lot. This was not the first time. But their fights has never been violent like this one.

Is it true that Oyelowo used to assault her physically?

No, I have never heard about such case. Usually, Oyelowo left the
house for her whenever they quarrelled. There was a time Oyelowo left
home for a while for her.

When he came back, the wife told him to go back to wherever he was coming from.

Who is the owner of the house they live in?

It was rented but the house is owned by the wife father’s friend. As a
matter of fact, it was her father’s friend that called her father when
the last incident happened.

What is the name of the man (landlord)?

I don’t know his name.

So, what is going to happen next?

She (Yewande) is in Agodi Prison now. The case will come up on Tuesday, February 16, 2016 at Court 1, Iyanganku.

Is it true that Yewande’s colleagues are already begging the family?

I don’t know anything about that. Just let us wait and see the
outcome of the case in court. But I am aware that Oyelowo’s friends are
putting up a fight for their friend. But all will depend on the outcome
of the case in court.

The king of our town, Gbogan too has shown interest in the case. I learnt that Ooni of Ife has also shown interest in the case.

Is it true that Oyelowo has no father and mother again?


Are you of the same father and mother?

No, my mother is his own mother’s sister. She is the one that has
been acting as his mother since his father died. The person who match
made him with Yewande is the wife of his step-brother, Mr. Adelani
Ajanaku, who was once honourable in Gbogan.

Who are the parents of Yewande?

All I know is that her father once worked at the State Universal
Basic Education Board (SUBEB), Oyo state and he retired as a permanent
secretary in the state. Her father is Reverend Fatoki.


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