The Zenith of Wickedness: My Zenith Bank Experience

Sent from a reader, I just had to share….
I am too pained in my heart, to do a proper
introduction of myself, so everyone reading this would have to forgive me for
I am a young male, who unfortunately got employed by Zenith bank in 2012,
when the bank decided to opt for contract staffing of fresh university

As unfortunate as the offer was, I had to
take it believing that the exposure and the need to equip myself with a certain
level of experience was far more important than being idle. My remuneration was
pegged at 69,999 Naira a month. 
The responsibilities assigned to me were the
same with other professional non-contract staff in the operations unit of my
branch, who obviously enjoyed all the benefits attached to our positions as tellers.
There is absolutely no disparity in my work load and to make matters worse, my
branch could be classified as a non-performing branch in terms of income
generation, so my branch head equally subjects me to marketing duties by making
sure I introduce accounts to the branch if I want to be appraised very well in
the bi-annual appraisal system of the bank.

I go to work each day, concealing my
disdain for the conditions I have to work with, but what has really provoked
this write-up is the issue of 13th month salary, also called
December bonus.
 Zenith bank has a policy of paying 13th month to all
cadres of staff, professional and non-professional (contract). By that I mean
the security staff and bulk note counters also enjoy of this largesse. 
I expected that I would equally be paid
this bonus, having put in more than a fair shift of workload during the year,
but to my utmost bewilderment and those of my professional (contract)
colleagues, we were denied of the benefit.
I have tried to rationalize why the bank
would decide to treat us with such disdain and contempt for our efforts and I
am yet to come up with an answer.
I want the bank to understand that as
frontline officers of our various branches, they’re treading on our emotions
and the level of bottled up rage in most of my colleagues would definitely
spill over soon, that the bank as an institution would be setting itself up for
the worst public relations disaster of any financial institution in the
Act now and the do the right thing as it is
in your best interest.
To the general public, if you walk into any
of the Zenith branches and the attending teller doesn’t reciprocate
friendliness or warmth, please don’t take offence, understand that his
animosity is not to you but the unfortunate employer he/she has to contend

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