The Ultimate Shortcuts To Remember People’s Name

A name is the first thing you have to learn and remember when you meet any person, particularly for the first time. 
Some are upset when those they think should remember them fail to recall their names and one of the reasons for this is because we tend to see new faces every day. It could also be embarrassing to ask people repeatedly what their name is.
Many have fallen victim of not remembering even the names of people they have met such persons on more than 2 or more occasions. See shortcuts to remembering people’s name below….

Strong desire.

Any wholesome desire begins to be turned into action when a person makes a conscious decision. If you want to remember the names of people, then take this conscious decision. Stop referring to the “bad memory.” Forgetting names is not due to bad memory but to reluctance to use it. It is a banal laziness. Every time when you go to a meeting, a party, a festival, remember your decision and it will help you.

Concentrate and be interested in it.

People easily remember what they see right in front of them. However, if they get distracted, then memory begins to fail. Therefore, you should concentrate on two important things: the first mention of the person’s name when meeting, and formation of a person’s image. That is, you just need not miss a name. If you have not heard it, then ask again. Connect the name with a detailed impression of the physical characteristics of a person. Use all your senses to make a detailed portrait of the person. Even the smell can help you.

Name in the image.

The image, continuing the thought, is a strong support to the process of remembering a name. Your memory speaks the language of images, especially when it comes to the same names. If you have a very big problem with remembering, you can print photos and attach stickers with names to them. It looks a little maniacal, but the result will not keep you waiting.

Repeat a name.

There is a simpler memorizing technique. When you meet new people, repeat their names several times in the head. In addition, include a name in the conversation, this will improve the chances of remembering the name and, at the same time, make you look more friendly. Repetition is a crucial thing in remembering, you could already understand that in your student and school years when almost all people boned up on the information that hardly penetrated their brains.

Add the name to the phone’s “contacts.”

A record of the name will never fail. You can type it even without a number. It will not be superfluous to add also a little information about the person: where you met, what was the reason for the acquaintance, who this person is, what the conversation was about. If you are dealing with a big number of people, then the habit of adding contacts will serve you well.
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