The Orekoya boys have been found, BUT this is the actual press statement from OLX

The press statement that has been going round town from OLX is actually a wrong one, this is the genuine reaction from the agency. See below:

is an unfortunate situation and our sympathies go out to the victim and their
family.  OLX is an online classifieds site that brings buyers and sellers
together to promote trade.  We take steps to moderate and review all ads
but we do not participate in the negotiations between buyers and sellers.
Transactions are performed directly between both parties. In all our marketing
campaign, we continuously urge our users to take necessary precautionary checks
when using OLX. 

We continue to innovate and improve our review
process with tighter measures that would help to minimize future occurrence of
negative incidents. We also need our users to help us kick out bad players and
ask them to report any dubious activity or user on the site for immediate action. 
Our customer support team can be reached at 0700-CALL-OLX (0700-22-55-659) or
at [email protected].

We sincerely hope that
the 3 kids are returned safely to their loved ones. Our thoughts and prayers
are with the family and we will provide all help within our capacity to
facilitate the quick reunion of the 3 children with their family. 

Lola Masha

Country Manager 

OLX Nigeria

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