The Oppression & Tyranny Of The Campus Marshals Of Lagos State University Revealed (Photos)

A Facebook user, Prince Phoebean Joseph, has shared the story of the torture, oppression and tyranny of the campus marshals of Lagos state university on students (LASU).
Here is also the story of a victim who has reportedly had a big cut on his lip and had his face stitched as a result of an encounter with the campus marshals.

According to him… 

“Lagos state university is a den of torture, oppression and tyranny. The campus Marshals bully, harass, molest and abuse students. The management has given them power and instead of protecting students they use the power against us. 

You dare not react aggressively, if you do, you’ll be shown the gate. If you choose to settle for dialogue, you’ll be lied against. Blasphemy is the order of the day. 

A student was injured with the butt of gun not quite long. I hope Justice will prevail in this case. 

If you are outside there please speak out. Stand up against oppression. You may be the next victim of oppression.
Here’s the injured student’s official statement on the incident….
I, Adeleye Samuel from the department of Business Administration of the Faculty of Management Sciences, regrettably wish to inform the general public of the unfortunate incident that occurred on the 25th October 2017 at about 3:30PM in the Faculty of Arts whilst the LASUSU Election was ongoing. 

On the aforementioned day, I was on my way from the bank and I took the shortest route, which is the road beside the newly constructed pavilion beside Theatre Arts Department before I was accosted by an un-uniformed security personnel. Firstly, he asked me to introduce myself and went on to say that students were not allowed to pass through the area. I introduced myself and added that I was the AUDIT COMMITTEE SECRETARY and I was immediately allowed passage. Before I could take another step, I was rudely obstructed by yet another security personnel who insisted that I must leave the vicinity immediately. I was still trying to explain to him when some members of the Independent Electoral Committee identified me as a member of the Audit Committee and should be allowed passage. 

Unfortunately, a team of four campus marshals approached us and bluntly insisted that I must leave. I saw that the impasse was uncalled for and I was already retreating when another marshal cocked his gun and approached me menacingly and forcefully hit me with the butt of his gun on, where I later discovered, was my face. The impact of the hit rendered me unconscious for a moment with blood gushing uncontrollably from my mouth and the big cut on my lip. 

I was rushed to the Health Centre where I was attended to. My face was stitched and they administered about 6 injections and I was also given some drugs. I was handed a prescription for drugs which I have since purchased. 

I later learnt that the Marshall was apprehended. 

I wish to inform you of my willingness to follow up on this case and see that justice is done. To my mind, an unprovoked Marshal who finds brutalizing students a sport of some sort must be severely punished. 

I am not ignorant of the possible legal action that can ensue from this incident.
Adeleye Samuel(Will.I.Am)”

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