That moment when a wife disrupted the ‘secret wedding” ceremony of her husband

 Chin and his wife, Ngozi Madukaife-Akano, Sept 2015 

A Nigerian born UK based doctor, Dr Chin Akano, recently came to Nkwerre  Imo state, Nigeria to get married, but unfortunately for him, his wife of over 19 years,Ngozi Madukaife-Akano, a UK
trained Nurse, disrupted the marriage ceremony!

Picture of Chin on his traditional marriage to the new wife.
 He posted this on his Facebook
wall and people are congratulating him.
to eye witnesses who witnessed the fight, the new bride and her sisters
attacked Ngozi Madukaife-Akano (the new bride) and tore her clothes to shreds. The
shocked husband just sat down in one corner and observed the whole drama
playing out before him. 

It took the intervention of some elders to calm down the first wife and lead her out.

New Wife….
Chin and his wife of over 20 years with the kids 
me sound a note of warning to you woman of easy virtue.You have the guts
to take photos in my home n post on social media.You defiled my home
the temple of God in December Now you’re planning to marry my husband on
the 11th of February at Nkwerre.

want to secretly break a home of 20yrs with 2 innocent children? Let me
tell you now that we are on your case,it’s not going to be a walk in the
park for the day you stepped in to my home is the day your misfortune
started.We are waiting for you and I hope you are ready?after this time
you will not try to break another family.

have seen a nice house and ready made man so you want to jump in not
knowing how we toiled.The God of my two innocents sons is already
heaping coals of fire and brimstone upon your want to try me a
child of God but you have hit rock bottom because the chastisement of my
peace is upon him.Wait for it!Step in to my home again and you will see
that Jehova Jireh still works wonders.

didn’t you Marry the father of your daughter?baby mama? You’re trying to
get pregnant for my husband, you will end up a baby mama for 10 men I
assure you that you’re a thief,everyday is for the thief and one day is
for the owner.Feb 11th we are waiting for you let your feet step once
more in to my home”!
the first wife wrote this message to the new wife just before the wedding.

SDK reports that the
wife has now travelled back to the UK with her husband, while the new bride has parked into the couple’s mansion at
Nkwerre in Imo state.

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