Teacher who slept with and married her student seeks for divorce after 20 years (Photos)

Vili Fualaau has filed for legal separation from Mary Kay Letourneau,
20 years after he first fell in love with his then-grade school
teacher. Fualaau submitted paperwork on May 9 in Issaquah, Washington seeking
to end to his 12-year marriage to Letourneau, who is the mother of his
two children.See family photo:

According to report, the documents state that the two own no property and have no debts, with neither party asking for spousal support.

Fualaau, now 33, was just a sixth-grade student when he began having an
affair with Letourneau back in 1996, despite the fact that the
34-year-old was married and had four young children.

The couple first met when Fualaau was in Letourneau’s second grade class
in Seattle, but did not begin to have a sexual relationship until four
years later, when he was 12.

Letourneau, now 55, ultimately got a divorce from her first husband and
served seven years in prison to be with Fualaau, who she married shortly
after her release.

She gave birth to the couple’s first child while out on bail in 1997, and their second while in prison.
Fualaau also stated in his filing that the couple’s two children are
no longer dependent while askingfor a fair division of the couple’s
joint assets.

The couple would have celebrated their 12th wedding anniversary last week.


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