Ladies, when is the best time to claim your man? When he puts a ring on it?

Actress Taraji P. Henson wants men to know that it’s not a thing until she gets a ring.
If like us, you have been wondering why Taraji
hasn’t talked publicly talked about her love life, well it’s all because the “Empire” star now has a strict rule on making her personal
life public: If the man she’s with isn’t her husband, there’s nothing to

While speaking on the Steve Harvey show recently, she said

a grown woman so ‘dating and let’s just see’ –those days are over. If
there’s nothing on this finger, if this finger’s naked, no one gets
claimed. You don’t get claimed until you claim me. Period. You don’t get
to say, ‘I dated Taraji P. Henson.’ You don’t get to go on the red
carpet and share that part of my life with me because now, today with
social media, it’s not private. I have a son  and I don’t want them to
be like ‘mom dated that one and this and this’…I can’t do that. I can’t
afford that because then when I do meet the one, he’s gonna be like,
‘you were a ho, you been with this one, this one, this one’…I can’t do

 Taraji also told Steve:

you’re not serious, don’t even open your mouth. Shake my hand and keep
it moving. I’ve accomplished so much in my life and right now, I just
want someone to share it with.”

What do you think of Taraji’s stance on claiming a man? Do you agree or disagree?
 You can watch video HERE…


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