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Stephanie Otobo reacts as Daddy Freeze and Akpororo battle each other

Stephanie Otobo has reacted to the online war between OAP Daddy Freeze and Comedian Akpororo over tithing issue.

Just yesterday, Daddy Freeze mocked the comedian for throwing a free show after tickets to his event failed to sell.

He wrote:

Wasn’t this the same comedian that insulted me and called me a wall gecko at the House of the Rock experience last December? Has his tithe stopped working for him or did he miss paying his tithe for a month?

Although he cursed me and said hurtful things about me, I have forgiven him and have nothing but love for him and wish he stopped paying or advertising this idolatrous tithe and worshiped God for who he really is in spirit and truth
(John 4:24)

Akpororo however fired back at the OAP by remaining on his stance that tithing works for him. He also called Daddy Freeze a wall gecko.

Oya bible scholars, e don set o…Lacoste Fendi Na you be the real wall gecko’

In reaction, Stephanie Otobo labeled religion as a scam.

Religion is a big scam, both Christianity and Islam. Religion would hold Africa, especially Nigeria down for a long time.

Stephanie Otobo
Stephanie Otobo

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