Sowore could have been turned to a goat for desecrating Ooni’s palace


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Let me explain the scenario to you. Sowore had an appointment with Ooni, Somehow they were delayed for 3 hours has been speculated. When Ooni was entering the town hall finally to meet him he decided not to prostrate to Ooni all in a protest that he was delayed. He now finally nailed his contempt by finally saying it to Ooni in the face that he didn’t prostrate. and I think that was what triggers the tear Gas, As for the person who sprayed it. I don’t know if it Ooni Guards.

Honestly, if it was in then days the Ooni palace I knew.. They would have turned him to goat or hurt him forever. He is really lucky where are in the digital age.

Sowore really shot himself in the leg with this arrogance. As much as we think everybody should be accountable for their actions, there are some exceptional cases. In my opinion, I don’t think Ooni had kept him waiting because he wanted to keep him for just no reason. Do u understand Yoruba culture Ooni is not just a king, but the custodian of Yoruba culture and tradition. He is not like any of these Kings like Akinolu of Lagos, Agege King, or Oluwo of Iwo.

He’s not any of these kings that wakes and just come into the palace. if you think because he’s a Christian, he’s not getting divination daily from his Ifa priests? Think about this. All through the period Wuraola was married to him, did you see just a strand of her hair out? Why was she always covering her hair unlike other Queens married to other Yoruba kings. This should tell you there is more to this throne than what we know. Please note that everything must be in place before OONI step out of his abode.

In my own opinion, Sowore is better being an activist than a leader. no matter how we might gang up and uproot this useless leader who has wreck Nigeria to this point that we need to dislodge them , we would still need our kings and queen support. no one can win the heart of people by fighting or disrespecting their king at-least not in Yoruba land I know and even in some other country that I have been too.

I think education should come with common sense. Sowore lacks in this case for not putting any of these above into consideration before acting like that.

By Awofy Richard


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