South African businesses call for eviction of refugees

Businesses in Cape Town South Africa are calling for the eviction of some refugees whose stay has extended to five months.

The refugees who are living inside the central Methodist Church have complained that they do not feel safe living in the townships. They also vowed not to leave the church until they get resettled outside of South Africa which has been blighted by xenophobic attacks.

Businesses in the area have complained that the refugees are affecting their tourist businesses and so should be evicted.

Nadine Nkurikiye who fled Burundi over ethnic violence revealed that she was raped in South Africa where she has been living for 13 years.

“What I’m asking is only for the UNHCR [UN refugee agency] to help us, to give us a place where we can be safe, where they can accept us like human beings, because South Africa doesn’t treat us like human beings,” said Ms Nkurikiye.

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