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#Soulties! Delilah is a subtle killer; Read here about her profile to know how to avoid her



For the newbies, “Breaking Soul Ties” – is a weekly column by Olusola Adio – dedicated to help you understand
what #SoulTies are and how to break them with the power of God’s Word
and the power of the Holy Spirit.

This week, we look at the
profile of Delilah. We all read a while ago about a great businessman in US who
was brought down to his knees and forced to sell a club because of his
disclosures to a girl he was shacking up with. This man is in his 80s and is so
powerful but a 20+ year old girl brought him down to his knees.
There are
Delilah’s walking in our midst today. Delilah is the spiritual name of that
woman who has been sent to create spiritual abortion in your life through your
#SoulTies (strong inordinate affection) with sex. This is a very powerful
teaching you don’t want to miss reading.

Today I am writing to every man who has a great future ahead of
him or is already in the middle of one. #SoulTies
I am writing a few notes to you about a lady called Delilah who
is lurking around or who is already tucked into you. #SoulTies
Delilah is the spiritual name of that woman who has been
assigned by satan to tear down your great exploits. #SoulTies
Delilah is the spiritual name of that woman who has been sent to
create spiritual abortion in your life. #SoulTies
Spiritual abortion occurs when divine events that are being
birthed in the spirit over you are intercepted. #SoulTies
Spiritual abortion occurs when divine thoughts about your future
are not part of your history when you are done on earth. #SoulTies
Delilah has been an evolving spirit. Delilah has kept up to date
with latest trends. Delilah is not an archaic phenomenon. #SoulTies
Delilah is not an ancient character who has lost her relevance
and position in today’s
world. She is extremely up to date. #SoulTies
Delilah also disguises, using fancy names like ‘Side-Chicks’ to fool trendy young men
like you who are very up to date. #SoulTies
Delilah is a demon operating from hell control centre through
carefully selected female secret agents on the earth today. #SoulTies
Delilah works with her boss, satan, to help him in bringing a
collapse to the destiny and reputations of fine men like you. #SoulTies
Delilahs operate across social barriers. If u are noble, peasant
or working class, there’s
a Delilah that matches ur size. #SoulTies
Samson developed a taste for strange sex when he first went into
a prostitute. A prostitute in his days had other duties. #SoulTies
Prostitutes in those days were dedicated to demons. They
participated in temple orgies where demons where worshipped. #SoulTies
Prostitutes paid offerings. Definitely, they didn’t pay those offerings to
my Jehovah. They paid them to Baal. #SoulTies
Proverbs 7:14 I have peace offerings with me; this day have I
payed my vows. <— harlot made offerings to Baal. #SoulTies
The prostitutes were dedicated to Baal and they were the ones
used for orgies during demon worship. #SoulTies
The same temple prostitutes went out there to source paying
customers & they paid an offering to Baal to run the temple. #SoulTies
So each time u went into these prostitutes, u were joining up
yourself with demons & creating #SoulTies with strange sex. #SoulTies
Young man, so those prostitutes you join yourself with sexually,
you don’t know what demon they
have been dedicated to. #SoulTies
There is a propensity in you that always wants to recreate a
cherished unique sexual experience with a similar woman. #SoulTies
Please follow the link
below to read the complete scoop about Delilah. Looking forward to seeing you
again next week. Please share this article with all your friends so they can
know what Delilah looks like and how to avoid her.
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