Soldiers, FRSC Officials, strip driver naked in Abuja (photos)

taxi driver in Abuja is reported to have faced inhumane actions from
soldiers in conjunction with FRSC official for having incomplete

This sad event, according to Facebook User, May Ebute, happened around Mararaba axis of Abuja.
She shared photos of the man with the following report.

“The brutality of the military and the paramilitary in Nigeria can actually make madmen out of sane people.
The man in this picture got his car impounded by Road safety officials
around Mararaba axis of Abuja, for lack of having his complete vehicle
particulars. He is said to be a kabu kabu driver who goes by the name
John. He usually plies the Mararaba, Abuja axis. Eye witness account
says that because he dared to argue with them, the FRSC officials called
upon soldiers to help assist them in
disciplining the man. Trust our Nigerian soldiers. They beat the man,
rolled him in a pool of stagnant water and tore off his clothes, leaving
him stark naked, under the full glare of motorists and passersby. They
say he who is down needs fear no fàll. Rather than cower in shame, the
man caused a major hold up. He blocked the highway in protest amidst
cheers from spectators in solidarity with him. With stones in both
hands, he dared any motorist to pass. Of course no one wanted a stone to
land on their heads or cars, so they kept their distance.
I wonder when our military will learn to start treating civilians as humans and not animals.”

See more photos below:


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