When you begin to make your pastor feel like Jesus… You are not going to Heaven – Comedian Alibaba

The foremost Nigerian comedian posted this photo above and a caption moments ago. Read the caption below:

There are people who are front runners. They open the pathway for many to follow. They are not only entrusted with laying the foundation for many to follow, they command respect amongst all who they mentored or guided in the establishment of their personal goals. That is what makes you a leader. Many a times, it’s the followers of those who have been shown the paths that begin to polarize the people that were brought up by such leaders. That is when you hear, “OUR PASTOR IS BETTER THAN YOURS”. Some people will start from under a man who has refused to call himself anything but Pastor… And the next thing, they are His Eminence Archbishop Tolorunlanshe! Ask why, he will tell you he heard from God. So Why is God selective in promoting GO to ArchBishop? Or he has not heard from God yet. In matters of religion, let us remember the universal truth… It’s not about your pastor. It’s about Jesus Christ who was sent by God to save us all. Period. Your pastor didn’t replace Jesus. So when you begin to make your pastor feel like Jesus… You are not going to Heaven. You are heading to the private sector. And will soon be singing hello from the other side. Better recognize


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