She had her ist child at 13! This 23 year old woman already has 6 children (photos)

A young mother, Shannon
Carter, 23, who first fell pregnant at 13, has told DailyMail that she is now a parent to six children.
She further says she does
not regret a single decision and insists she has built a happy home –
despite admitting a series of ‘mistakes’ and ‘accidents’.

Aged 13
and sitting in a science lesson was the moment she realised she was
pregnant. At the age of 16 and just months before her GCSE exams, she
fell pregnant again.After thinking breastfeeding her
second child would mean she was unable to get pregnant again, she was
surprised when told a baby girl was on the way.

It was after this that she met her new boyfriend and current partner, labourer Lee Aram, 37.

The couple have since had three children together.

Speaking of being mother-of-six at 23, she added:

‘They do their homework and say please and thank you. They are six
lovely little people. I’ve created a stable happy family. My children
are surrounded by love, and there’s no age limits on that. Having
children young isn’t a burden, it’s a privilege.

‘Our family is complete. The house is full of laughter and Lego

next time you see a teen mum in the street, don’t pity or judge, just
pop over and have a chat. We’re just like you, trying to do the best we
can for the kids we love.’


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