Segun Awolowo narrates ordeal with COVID-19, says fear is a killer

Segun Awolowo, a grandchild of the former Premier of Western Nigeria, Obafemi Awolowo, has said that the fear of COVID-19 kills.

The executive director of the Nigerian Export Promotion Council (NEPC) said his ordeal with COVID-19 started when he couldn’t go for his usual walk due to fatigue.

He described the fatigue as “something I had never experienced before in my life”.

He said, “Finally, we decided that I simply had to go to the hospital as I wasn’t getting any better. My wife was apprehensive because my hospital is First Cardiology Consultants, and they have not been too popular in the media recently, as the media has chosen to highlight the unfortunate losses of several high profile personalities while failing to document that they have an 82 percent survival rate which is higher than most hospitals in the United Kingdom,” he said while sharing his experience on Facebook.

“However, I insisted on going there, as both Dr Adeyemi Johnson and Dr Kofo Ogunyakin have my medical history and my greatest confidence. Then the shocker! We both tested positive for COVID-19, my wife was asymptomatic while I was already ill. The doctor looked worried as he gave us both diagnoses.

“Looking at the doctor’s somehow downcast and gloomy mien coupled with my brother Sola Braithwaite’s demeanour who had insisted on accompanying us to the hospital was the moment the fear came down on me! I strongly believe the fear of this coronavirus is the real killer.

“Doctor sent us off to perform a CT scan, to ascertain the extent of the damage. The ride to the lab was the longest, my wife drove and I was collapsed in the passenger seat, we were both worried sick about ourselves and our children and domestic staff who had by now reported to the hospital to get tested.

“Thankfully they all tested Negative). I tried to lighten the mood with some dry jokes but these, of course, didn’t work.”

The drugs prescribed by the doctors after the test include Colchicine, Azithromicine, Vitamins C, D and Rivaroxaban.

He revealed that he and his wife went into Isolation inside their house.

“We received numerous advice from friends and family to experiment with all sorts of herbal remedies (Our Nigerian way). We however succumbed to the inhalation of the traditional Dogon Yaro leaves (the bark, leaves of the Neem Tree) but also stayed the course of the recommended treatment by the doctors and by the 5th day I was feeling much stronger,” he said.

“At the end of the week, I got the all-clear and my wife took a little longer to get better, so we switched roles and I had to take care of her. (remember it’s for better for worse). After another week we went back to the hospital and we both got the all-clear check.”

‘Fear is the real killer’ – Segun Awolowo narrates COVID-19 ordeal
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