Scorned lady drags Afro-pop musician boyfriend to court for failing to marry her

Zimbabwe’s Afro-pop musician Gary Tight is being sued by his ex-lover for failing to own up to his promise of marrying her.

Born Gary Muponda, the youthful singer is being sued by his former
lover, Amanda Tinotenda Manyowa for US$10 000 for breach of an agreement
to marry.

Amanda, who is being represented by lawyer Jivas Mudimu of Mudimu Law
Chambers, in her summons filed at the Harare Civil Court on October 31
this year, claimed that Gary promised to marry her sometime last year.

But he later dumped her before fulfilling his promise-which was made
orally before both of their relatives. “On or around the 15th of
December 2014, the Plaintiff and the Defendant entered into a love

“After dating for two years, on the 31st of December 2016, the
Defendant promised to marry the Plaintiff, which and in pursuit to that
promise, the plaintiff and the Defendant started living together in
April 2017 at the Defendant’s residence.

“Sometime in May 2017, the Defendant repudiated the agreement to
marry the Plaintiff, which agreement, the Defendant had made to
Plaintiff orally.

This was done by conduct, where the Defendant together with his
mother took the Plaintiff’s clothes to her maiden home, chased the
Plaintiff away and ordered her not to come,” she claimed in her summons.

Amanda claimed that Gary’s actions were deliberately meant to injure
her dignity and reputation. She also complained, in her summons, that
Gary by so-doing embarrassed her morally.

“The Defendant has wasted the Plaintiff’s time and the Plaintiff has
since suffered due to the bad reputation that the Defendant has imputed
on her.

“By virtue of the Defendant’s breach of promise, the cause of action
arisen is that the Plaintiff suffered damages in the amount of US $10
000 for contumacious breach of contract whereby Plaintiff’s personal
dignity and reputation were impaired,” she said.

Gary, who is son to legendary Zimbabwe singer Willom Tight, is yet to respond to the claim.

This scandal is coming just a few weeks after the artiste made news
for bring some wild girls to dance in a very ratchet style on stage at a


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