Scantily dressed lady spotted at a mall in Ibadan (Picture)

scantily dressed lady

Scantily dressed lady spotted at a mall in Ibadan (Picture)

scabtily dressed lady

Below is a picture of a scantily dressed lady spotted at a mall in Samonda area of Ibadan. The picture was shared by a lady who said she was irked by the sight of the girl who almost nothing covering her upper body. From the picture, one can see some part of her breast exposed as she and her decently dressed friends looked on at the mall.

The lady who shared the picture wondered why anyone would want to dress so indecently to a shopping mall when it’s not even a night club. To her, the inspiration behind the dress sense can’t be said to be fashion but madness simply because she decided to go almost naked all in the bid to get attention.

She said she still can’t find the right words to vent her anger with as her body is still hot over the sight she beheld at the shopping mall. Some of her followers sided with the unidentified lady, stating that it is nobody’s business how she choose to live her life. They say it is her body and that no one should feel bothered if she decides to leave it exposed. Her quote below.

Hello everyone sum just happen and upt till now i’m still angry. Don’t come and tell me it’s none of my business cos it is. So it happened that I and my friends went to see a movie at #theventuramall #samonda #ibadan yesterday and while were leaving we saw this #omoshepeteri. As in, is this fashion or madness… when did looking sexy become naked? Do you have to expose your body like this to get attention? ”Chai my body dey hot seriously” in as much as i have so much to type, this anger juts made everything to vanish… For mall o… when it’s not club Toh

scantily dressed lady

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