Sad! This woman died immediately she got to Uyo from Lagos

A woman simply identified as Felicia died immediately she got to Uyo From Lagos.

Apparently, it was revealed that her husband took her to Lagos park
alive to board a vehicle going to Uyo.. and then made arrangements with a
pastor to pick her up for prayers… But on getting to Uyo park she gave
up the ghost.. and the pastor she was meant to meet with ran away.

Felicia was very sick..

Read the story as shared by AB Isong:


Somehow i wanted to overlook this story, but it boils down to marrying a wrong man hence this post.
Earlier today (thursday precisely), I went to Itam Park long
distance bus terminus where i was expecting a parcel from Lagos.

On arrival I saw an unusual crowd and I decided to get close. Only to
find this woman dead and laid beside the young shall grow bus which
transported her to Uyo.

I was privileged to ask a co-passenger who boarded same vehicle with her from Lagos to Uyo.

She said the woman’s husband brought her to the park alive to board
the vehicle. And that He knew the woman wasn’t very strong while
embarking on the long journey. And had made arrangement with a pastor
here in Uyo to pick her and commence prayers.
The woman arrived Uyo alive, stepped out of the vehicle, asked for
her luggage to be given to her which the driver obliged. Seeing she was
weak, they offered her a chair to sit while waiting for pick-up.. the
next thing she fell off the chair and that was the end of her life here
on earth.

Minutes later, The Pastor came but was told from a distance that the
lady he just spoke with on phone is dead. The man took off and

Everyone deserted her but the good Samaritan in me came alive and I
decided not to leave her there just like others did. I had to put a call
across to the Nigerian Police and they responded swiftly. they came to
the scene but my joy was complete when a woman came around and
identified the lady as Felicia.. she wept and said Edoh Eke Wod meaning
(they married her to kill her)… she has been taken to the mortuary by
the Nigerian Police.

But my trouble is, Why will a man allow his wife travel such a long distance alone knowing too well she was sick?
Did he ever love that woman?

Did he know the woman won’t survive and decided to send her back to her state for death?
Why didn’t he take her to the hospital for treatment?

Oh Lord! help us… My wife is still weeping.
I’m happy i did my best.

Woman I don’t know you, But may God bless your soul.
Rest In Peace.

Don’t just write R.I.P, the reason i wrote this is for us to learn from it.
Never stay with a man who has no regards for you. if you die he will
marry another. Marriage is not by force. You can still make heaven
without marriage ooh! Marriage is not a yardstick to measure success.

I speak in anger! if staying single will keep you alive, please stay single and live than to marry and die.


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