Sad: Four farmers commit suicide over flood disaster in Kogi

“In Kogi State, four farmers committed suicide because they borrowed money from the bank to buy seeds and flood came and destroyed it. So because they were scared they committed suicide.”
President Goodluck Jonathan who disclosed this on Sunday in Yenagoa, Bayelsa State capital while undertaking a tour of the areas affected by flood encouraged the Internally Displaced People, IDPs, in Bayelsa State not to give up hope, assuring that the Federal Government was committed to rehabilitating them.

President Jonathan said,  “I was also in a place in Kogi, where a storey building was under water.”
“People that are not in IDP are the people always struggling for relief materials. This flood is all over the world, Asia, Europe, I know that Nigeria flooding is bad. And when we have such disaster food is not the problem, do not make food your priority.
“If you eat once, thank God, I know that none of you would die of hunger here. Before the middle of November, the water would have receded.”
Yeah, there are certain situations in life that would sometimes make one want to give up all but it is wrong to commit suicide…or what do you guys think?

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