RRS commander, Tunji Disu alerts parents on immoral chat codes used by kids

The Commander of Rapid Response Squad, DCP Tunji Disu, has shared a list of immoral chat codes which young ones use when chatting so as to prevent parents from knowing what they are really discussing about.

Most of the chat codes which the police boss said where shared by CNN correspondent, Kelly Wallace, all appear to be talking about immoral lifestyle which young ones shouldn’t be caught engaging in.

Tunji Disu tweeted:

Parents in trouble, can you decipher these from kids phones?

IWSN- I want sex now.
PIR-Parent in room.
99 -Parent gone.
1174′-Party meeting place.
POS- Parent over shoulder.
LsMIRL- Let’s meet in real life.
TDTM-Talk dirty to me.
LH6- Let’s have sex.

53X- Sex.
THOT- That hoe over there.
KOTL- Kiss on the lips.
PRON- Porn.
8 -Oral sex.
IPN- I’m posting naked.
LH6- Let’s have sex.
WTTP- Want to trade pictures?
DOC- Drug of choice.
TWD- Texting while driving.
GYPO- Get your pants off.
KPC- Keeping parents clueless.

Tunji Disu
Tunji Disu
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