Reno Omokri shows support for herdsmen in new Nigerian passport

Former presidential aide, Reno Omokri has countered Apostle Johnson Suleman of Omega Fire Ministries for his stance against the new Nigerian passport which has herdsmen inscribed in it.

Apostle Suleman was on Twitter yesterday lamenting how the new Nigerian passport has herdsmen inscribed in it. He shared a picture to prove his point which enraged many people who considered the move by government to be malicious, owing to the fact that Herdsmen are regarded as the fourth deadliest terrorist group in the world.

He tweeted:

‘That’s the new Nigeria now has herdsmen inscribed in it…it’s shameful that a certain extraction now represents a nation with 6 geopolitical zones..everything is now very clear..God will frustrate every evil agenda in nigeria.job 5v12,eccl 8v11.’

In reaction, Reno Omokri pointed out that other ethnic groups in Nigeria are equally represented in the new Nigerian passport.

He tweeted:

 “I am against RUGA and I am against ISLAMISATION. I am willing to spill my blood to ensure that both of them DONT see the light of day. 
But as long as other ethnic groups are represented on the new Nigerian international passport, I don’t see anything wrong in it bearing the image of herdsmen and their cattle. Herdsmen are also Nigerians. We are against KILLER herdsmen, not PEACEFUL herdsmen. We must promote PEACEFUL COEXISTENCE.

I have now received other pages of the new passport. It has images of ethnic nationalities from all 6 geopolitical zones. The issue of herdsmen on the passport may be distasteful to some due to the killings by killer herdsmen, but it is not wrong. It is necessary for peaceful coexistence”.

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