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Reasons many Nigerian women are still unmarried – Reno Omokri spills

Bemigho Reno Omokri, an author, lawyer and former presidential aide to Goodluck Jonathan has expressed his thoughts on the reasons some Nigerian women are unmarried.

The quite outspoken writer in a series of tweets bares his mind, hinting that women of nowadays are mostly after an expensive wedding, regardless of their spouse’s pocket.

He wrote, “Many women are unmarried, not because they can’t find the right man, but because they can’t find a man rich enough to pay for the wedding that they and their family are too poor to afford, yet want to have, because their neighbour had a big wedding.”

“Many divorce occur because men marry women who only wanted to wed, and had no intention of getting married. They just wanted someone rich enough to pay for their fantasy wedding, and then after that he is meant to go his own way and not worry them.” 
He continued: “Marriage is an INSTITUTION not a COMPETITION. It is a GRACE, not a RACE. You are to ENJOY the JOURNEY, not just your HONEY’s MONEY. Marry when you have MEDITATED, not when you are FRUSTRATED. When you are PREPARED, not just when you have PROSPERED”

“Dear men,
Marry a woman who notices something is wrong with you the second it occurs, just by her connection to you, not one who won’t ask you if anything is wrong unless and until she stops seeing money from you the way she was used to seeing it.”

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