Read this interesting interview Rapper Ice Prince had with TRIBUNE

Rapper, Ice Prince had an interesting chat with TRIBUNE today and he said quite a lot. He opened up on his relationship with rapper – they had a thing going  before fame came calling.
He revealed how they both explored each other and argued a lot – aww!

He also gave reasons why he won’t be getting married anytime soon
saying that would only happen after he builds himself a home in Banana
Island, an exclusive area in Lagos.
See excerpts below:

“I am just 27 years old. I don’t have any brother or mentor that got
married at 27. So, I have about five years to go. I have to make more
money and build a house in Banana Island before I take a woman home”

He further listed out the qualities he looks out for in a woman “I
just want her to be honest. I don’t care if she is beautiful and has
figure 8. I just want her to be honest, or we connect and have

On growing up in Jos, he said “It (Jos) was the most
peaceful place on earth. Things were rosy for us until my dad passed on
in 1999. There were times I stayed at home for two weeks because I had
no school fees to pay; but I thank God because He has kept me.”

On his foray into music “Yes. I have always loved
music. I had an uncle called Dantala, who is a local artiste in Jos. I
always watched him perform. But I didn’t know I was going to become a
musician till I got to secondary school. I wanted to be a pilot, and
then a doctor at some point; and so it kept changing. But as time went
on in secondary school, I started playing at social nights.

His most embarrasing moment on stage “I was in
Sierra Leone (while) performing at the stadium and my trousers got
ripped off. It got ripped off all the way from the back to the front and
I had to put on a towel on my boxers throughout the performance. It was
really embarrassing, but my fans liked it and were even screaming. But
to me, it was really embarrassing.”

On how he spends his day “I am an indoor person. I
stay at home because I don’t like to talk. If I am not going out for
shows or interviews, I go downstairs to my studio and record songs. I am
a bit of an introvert.”

The most expensive gift he has ever got “My car; but I won’t tell you how much (it costs) before some people start making a fuss about it.”

On his relationship with rapper Eva Alordiah “…she was the first lady I dated when I came to Lagos. It’s true...We were young and exploring ourselves. We argued a lot.”

His son and music “I always put him up on my Twitter
and Instagram. I always talk about him, and have never kept him away
from people. I am never going to stop him from pursuing his dreams. If
he says he wants to be a musician, a doctor or a lawyer, why not? The
only thing I can do is guide him as a father.”


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