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Ramsey Nouah reveals what he did with his first pay check as an actor

Ramsey Nouah reveals what he did with his first pay check as an actor

In a recent interview with Kore Ogidan, Nollywood actor Ramsey Nouah revealed why he opted for acting and what he did when he got his first pay check off the profession.

Ramsey Nouah who had huge dreams of becoming an aeronautic engineer said he dabbled into acting when he needed money for an exam.

“I needed money to take my GCE external examination and I just couldn’t get it, no matter where I went. So, I remembered that my friend had told me repeatedly that I had a gift in acting but I had never taken it seriously.

When I needed money desperately to pay for my exams, I decided to give it a try and source some money from it. In 1990, I had a cameo role and in 1991, I had a role in the series, Mega Fortunes, which aired in 1993 and lasted for just a year.
After that came the advent of home videos and it’s been a roller-coaster ride since then. I really just went into acting because I needed the money and not because I thought I could act. Over time, I realised that I had a strong passion for acting and thought to myself that acting could really just have been my calling.”

Speaking about what he did with his first pay from acting, Ramsey Nouah said he changed his wordrobe with the money.

“We had been filming Mega Fortunes and we didn’t get paid till about the eighth month when I finally got N1,100 (about N80 per episode). As soon as I got the money, I ran to Yaba market to buy a pair of secondhand chinos trousers, leather brass belt, black tee-shirt and moccasins.
That’s all I could buy with the money. I couldn’t even afford to get transportation back home; I walked from the market to Aguda, Surulere, but I was very happy with my purchase as it changed my wardrobe.”

Ramsey Nouah reveals what he did with his first pay check as an actor

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