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Ramadan 2019: Best quotes and messages to send to your loved ones…(Day 6)

In this month of Ramadan, Kemi Filani News will be bringing to you some Ramadan messages, quotes and words to ponder over.

Today’s quote “Ramadan is the period to empty your stomach and feed your soul”

Feeding of soul is done by Read the words of Allah I.e Al- Qur’an, memorizing it bit by bit if you are capable, engaging in Dhikr(Remembrance of Allah) with the numerous adhkar that we have, subhannallah, Alhamdulilah, Allahu Akbar and lots more.

Reading and pondering over the Hadith I.e words of the prophet (S. A. W). Feeding of the soul with all these things would impact the fear of Allah on an individual thereby reducing the rate of atrocities and crimes.

Basically feeding the soul is learning more and more of the religion, as knowledge can’t be exhausted, we have to keep learning.

The most amazing fact is that even though when we strive to learn its for our own benefit, we also earn rewards from Allah (S. W. T) for learning.

It doesn’t have to be cumbersome, learning one new thing per day and knowing it is more beneficial than learning a lot of things at once and not knowing it.


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