Prostitute call police on a driver with claims that he looks like the man that robbed her

A strategic team member of the #BringBackOurGirls movement, Bukky Shonibare, has raised alarm after her driver  got arrested and detained by the police in Abuja on the grounds that he looks like a man that robbed a prostitute.

The driver, Darlington was accused by a prostitute of robbing her of her phone and bag two months ago. An Abuja Deputy Chief Officer (DCO) got involved and locked up Darlington even though he had no evidence to prove he was the man that robbed the prostitute.

Read the sad story below:

From exam hall to police station!

A sex worker called police on my driver saying he looks like the man that robbed her at about 3am on 4th March. He’s been locked up since Saturday night. The lady has refused to come to the station and stopped picking her calls. She claimed…

..the person used a knife to cut her while robbing her of her phone and bag. That she bit the person and also cut the person with the knife causing injury on him; and that was how she escaped. My driver’s body has been checked, no scar of such. He’s been weeping like a child.

My driver explained how tens of ‘ashawos’ gathered on him; and how once the screaming started, no one could hear his side until the police came.

I’m fagged out, sleepy, and hungry; but sitting here for some hours is nothing but more lessons about life, and us!

Still waiting…

Suffice to mention that the prostitute never reported to the police when she claimed she was robbed on 4th March. She also said the man that robbed her was taking her to his house in Lugbe on a night service agreement for N10,000.

My driver doesn’t live in Lugbe!

And, I’m just thinking… so there are men that patronize prostitutes? N10k a night?

I just left the station (10.05pm) since afternoon, but not with my driver. He’s now been in the cell for 4 nights!

Police went to search his house today and nothing was found. They went with the prostitute, who came with another prostitute colleague of hers.

Drama ensued…

The prostitute claimed the house may not be his. The IPO went to neighbours who confirmed he’s been living there with his younger brother for some time. IPO has been professional, I must say.

Now the prostitute claims the bouncer who negotiated the ‘night deal’ can identify him.

Surprisingly, police said because it’s an armed robbery case, they would still need to investigate before releasing him. Hence, they’d visit the club tomorrow.

Note, however, that because the prostitutes work collaboratively with the bouncers, they work together to say it’s him.

Then I raised the issue of his continuous detention. The DCO just snapped back, raising his voice, that fundamental rights doesn’t work there o. The same DCO was literally helping the prostitute complete her sentence; but would carry a look of disbelief anytime my driver speaks.

He said Uber drivers are like that and that he watched a documentary on CNN today on sexual assault committed by Uber drivers in the US. To him, that means my driver may be guilty.

He later came to me and asked that we should find a way to manage and settle with the prostitute.

All efforts to secure bail was blocked by the DCO.

When we left the DPO’s office, the prostitutes were waiting at the reception. I offered to go drop them. Then DCO came and said he’d drop them.

Well, the DCO drove out of the station with the two prostitutes in his car tonight!

I have escalated the issue to a top-ranking police officer today, who has asked that I let him know when I’m going there tomorrow.

I’m back home from the station. I waited a long time.

Darlington was not released today. Day 5 in the cell.

The DPO is now leading the issue. He wasn’t pleased the prostitutes didn’t come today, and the DCO did not go to the club to interrogate the bouncers as agreed yesterday.

The DPO called the DCO who claimed he was unable to perform the agreed investigations today because he had to attend a meeting. (I wonder why the tasks were not delegated).

DPO then instructed the DCO to ask the prostitutes to come tomorrow with the bouncers, latest 12noon.

Prostitute call police on a driver with claims that he looks like the man that robbed her


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