Prezzo and Goldie play Jay Z and Beyonce on Twitter

Lolz, we are yet to see the best part of the on-going love story between Goldie and her Kenyan rapper Prezzo. You will recall that Goldie shunned Prezzo when he visited Nigeria to propose to her.
Anyways, the duo recently engaged in a Twitter conversation, using popular lines from Beyonce and husband, Jay Z’s song.
 Prezzo posted on his timeline, Cuz
that rock on ur fingeer’s like a tumour u cant fit your hand in ur new
purse/its humorous to me they watching n we just yatchin’
Goldie responded with a line in the same song via @goldieharveyYou need a real woman in your life, taking care of home and still fly, I can help you build ur account, that’s a good look believe me’.

The lyrics are from Beyonce’s song ‘Upgrade U’ (one of the lead singles off the album B’Day), featuring hubby Jay Z.
I wonder what the pair is trying to tell us? Besides, Goldie’s recent tweets are kinda confusing, see for yourself:

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