It’s unarguable we have improved power supply with less resources – Fashola

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Minister of works, power and housing, Babatunde Fashola has stated that power supply has improved under the administration of President Muhammad Buhari.

Speaking with Channels TV, Fashola said even critics can attest to the noticeable improvement in the sector despite the government yet to fully fulfill it’s 2015 promises.

“We set very high aspirations and we will get there, and what I am saying today is that we have improved on what we met, and that is unarguable and unimpeachable,” Fashola said during his appearance on Sunday Politics.

He added, “And we have done so in shorter time and with less resources. Let their (the critics) sympathisers continue to weaponise the challenges they created but the truth is that we are the ones solving the problems that we met.

“That’s why we sought the office because we think we are better than them and we have proven that we are.”
It’s ‘Unarguable’ We Have Improved Power ‘With Less Resources’, Says Fashola

“We are producing more power than what we met; we are transmitting more power than what we met, and we are distributing more power than what we met,” he said.

The minister further added that this administration has added to what they met on ground in the sector.

“I met 4,000MW; we have added three (thousand) more – 1,000MW per year. Our raw rate is a thousand megawatts (MW) every year.

“Since I came, we have completed projects they didn’t complete, we have evacuated 800 containers they left at the port; that’s mediocre administration… they didn’t administer a government.”

He made it known that the improvement can be measured by Nigerians who make use of the power supplied.

“Nigerians will tell you, on the average, that they are spending less money on buying diesel, they are spending less money on buying petrol for their generators.”


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