Popular Wedding MC, Tomiwa Sage marks birthday with his twin mum (photos)

How amazing it is to be born  on same day with one’s mum.

Popular wedding MC, Tomiwa Sage Kukoyi recently clocked plus one and celebrated it by having a photo shoot with his fellow celebrants (his mum and her twin sister). He further shared an interesting story of how he got confused the first time he realized they were twins.

The first day I really understood what it meant to be a Twin was one day my Mom’s Twin Sister visited us from Ibadan. She probably got in about 2pm, I was still in my Pry school uniform. I thought it was my Mom so I ran to her. But I was confused. The clothes she had worn out that morning was different. Still I didnt mind. 

And i had acted overly excited cos I bed wet the previous night&I was sure to get the stick. So all my jumping about her was to placate her. She seemed happy about it so I was glad. My plan had worked. You wouldn’t believe my confusion when my “another” Mommy walked in. With the outfit she had on in the morning. Later that night after they had changed into similar outfits, I sat there looking at both of them. 

Finally I asked my Mom,or who I thought was my Mom. “Why are there two of you”. My real Mom answered “Two KO,Two ni. Atole” That was all I needed to recognize my Mommy My Mom Twin Sister gave me Adetomiwa by the way Its our Birthday. Yea….Three of us. Pic by @olerephotography Make up by @oyinkansiolami


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