Popular Actress, Sotayo Sobola, turns fashion designer

Actress and movie
producer, Tayo Sogbola is now into fashion. And we can tell you that authoritatively. She has a big fashion house inside Magodo estate.

Her new fashion label, Clean Stitches, designs for both male and female.
And her services are in hot demand. At the City People Movie Awards she
got about 4 orders from celebrity ladies who loved her outfit and who
were ready to pay any amount to get similar outfits made for them. Last
week, Sotayo spoke to City People Publisher, Seye Kehinde about why she
veered into fashion.

The lovely evening gown you wore to the City People Movie
Awards caused a stir because of its elaborate nature. Did you set out to
cause such a stir?

I just decided to dress the way I felt inside of me. It was an awards
event. I was invited. I am a nominee for one of the categories and I
decided to step out in a pearled lace ball gown. It was a nice event. I
just wore what I thought was suitable for me to where. I chose a ball
dress and that was what I did.

Many people didn’t know you were the one that designed what you wore? Tell us about your foray into fashion designing?

Yes. Many people don’t know I am into fashion.
Well, I have always been designing for years I have been the ones
designing and sketching for my designers and dressmakers. I just decided
to design my clothe myself this time around. It’s not just me any way. I
have a new fashion line now, a new fashion label called Clean Stitches.
They made the dress I wore.
So, why did you veer into fashion?

Because most times a lot of people when they see me, they say they
like what I wore. So, I felt fine, if I could always sketch designs for
people to make, why can’t I sketch it and make it for people who want
it. Its just 4 months old and the turnout has been massive, very good.
We make male/female, unisex. I sketch them myself. We source for good
fabrics. We make them. People come in and buy. Right now, the demand is
huge. We are busy with orders. For women, we make Iro and Buba, casual
outfits, corporate outfits. We play a whole lot with prints. Everything
we make is Nigerian made outfits for men and women. We make everything,
already made ones. People also send in their measurements.

How do you juggle fashion and your moving career?
The truth is that I am not on set everyday. I don’t get to film everyday and I have capable staff working for me.
I also sew myself. I join my staff and we all sew. That has made me a
very busy person. An extremely busy person. So far so good. I juggle it


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