Please, Pray For My Mum” – Ibinabo Fiberesima’s Son Writes Open Letter To Nigerians


About 24 hours ago, the Actors Guild of Nigeria president, Ibinabo Fibresima was sentenced to 5 years in jail for the 2005 death of Dr. Suraj Giwa, which was brought when the car the former beauty queen and actress was driving hit and killed him.

Now just a day after her first son Sean Liam Coughlan has
pled with Nigerians to pray for his famous mom. In a heartfelt
Instagram post Sean extolled his mom’s virtues and let it be known that
she not only understands the pain for the deceased family and but is also very hurt about what the fatal accident.

People of Nigeria,

This is Sean, first and proud son of Ibinabo Fiberesima, I write on
here today to plead with all Nigerians to pray for my mother. She is
going through the toughest of times right now, and so are we, her
family. I’ve been reading heartbreaking comments on her matter that ‘she
thinks she’s above the law’, ‘she doesn’t feel sorry for the family of
the deceased’, ‘she was drunk and deserves this punishment’, let me get a few things straight with you now.
My mother is the most humble woman I know, I was not aware she was a
celebrity until I was about 14,15, and that’s only because my uncle told
me, she does not see herself or act as if she is above any other
person. She is a proud Nigerian who loves her country and its people.
Secondly, she has been carrying heartbreak around with her for the past
11 years after the accident. She understands the pain for the deceased
family and is very hurt about what happened herself. She has tried her
utter most to console with the Family, so don’t ever think she does not
Thirdly she was not drunk, the charges are reckless and dangerous
driving, first of all I refuse to believe my mother was driving
recklessly or dangerous, as I’ve been in a car with her countless times
and nothing has happened. On this occasion it was unfortunate, she was
unlucky, her car flipped over which happens to a number of cars and
another car smashed into her. She was in a comma for days, she could
have easily lost her life, but thankfully, by Gods strength only she
survived. She did not set out that day trying to kill someone or

Right now my mother is broken, and needs the prayer and
support of all Nigerians, so please put all your conspiracies about this
matter aside, I know it’s between her and God now.

Join us, myself, Craig her son who is 14 years old, Malcolm and Brian
her other sons and her beautiful Daughter Zino who is just 8, and the
rest of her family, to pray for my Mother. Let God decide what is just
and what is not.

Whatever your religion, join us and Pray for my mother as well as the
family of the deceased. We can all get through this but not without

Thank you for reading, may God bless you all.


Ibinabo herself took to her Facebook page to ask fans, friends and colleagues to pray with her in this trying time.


Ibinabo with her kids – Sean in green


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